Installation Service

MAS Bi-fold doors understand that the installation process of your bi-folding door is important. We will ensure that the installation of your bi-folding door will be as easy and efficient as possible, with no hassle. Our members of staff have years of experience with fitting bi-folding doors. This ensures that the installation of your doors are completed both on time and safely.

The installation process of the door follows the door being positioned within the opening and checked for levelling. Necessary holes are drilled and fixed to ensure there is no movement within the frame upon opening and closing the door. We ensure not to apply too much pressure with our fixings as it may distort the outer frame. When the doors are fitted, they are now ready to be fitted with double glazed units.

We use a silicone seal to ensure that there is a permanent weather (rain or wind) tight seal upon the outer frame and the door. After applying the silicone, the protective tape that was placed on your outer aluminium framing prior to the installation of the silicone will be removed. It ensures there is a neat, smooth and straight edge applied to the outer frame. To ensure that everything has been fitted to a satisfactory standard, we check every operation of the door to ensure it is perfect, before handing you the keys to your new bi-folding door.

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